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Design of the Svoya Kava coffee shop for Vsi Svoi store in Blockbuster Mall, Kyiv

Project description:
Adesign studio has developed a design project for a coffee shop in a shopping and entertainment center, in the area near the escalator.
The small coffee shop is part of the “VSI.SVOI” clothing, footwear and accessories store. To emphasize unity with the store, the furniture design and color scheme are made in the same design as the store.
The coffee shop greets customers at the entrance to the store. This location of the coffee shop is successful from the point of view of sales in the store. Firstly, a short break with aromatic coffee and a delicious dessert gives additional strength to shopping lovers. Secondly, if visitors to a shopping and entertainment center come with the whole family, and only a woman wants to go shopping, her husband and children can wait in the coffee shop. Thirdly, a small cafe is a point of attraction that generates a flow of visitors.

The coffee shop consists of two functional blocks: a bar counter and tables for visitors. The seemingly small bar counter is carefully designed and includes: an ordering area, a cash register, a product display area, a drinks preparation area, a storage area and a technical area. The modern minimalist design of the cafe harmoniously complements the style and concept of the brand “VSI.SVOI”.

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