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Proper interior design increases your profit

You have decided that you want to have a truly successful business that brings you profit - entrust interior design to professionals. The “correct” interior, even in a small beauty studio, will work to improve your image, which means increasing profits. According to the survey, for existing clients, the interior of a beauty salon and the atmosphere that it creates are in 2nd place after the professionalism of the masters who provide services. And for new clients, an attractive interior is sometimes a decisive factor when choosing a beauty salon.

If you are just planning to open a beauty salon, hairdresser, spa or massage parlor and don’t know where to start, we will help you determine the format of your business, select the set of services necessary for a successful business and advise you on the selection of equipment. A turnkey beauty salon is the task that we successfully implement.

Trust Adesign interior design studio, and we will help you deal with a lot of questions and difficulties. We will create a stylish interior of a beauty salon, hairdresser or barbershop, ergonomic and comfortable for clients and staff, within your budget.

The interior is one of the communication channels of your brand with customers. This is a tool to be noticed, recognized and loved.

Our partners will help you choose professional equipment for beauty salons. And they will be engaged in the direct supply of equipment from the best manufacturers.

We can provide a construction team of professional craftsmen for all types of construction and finishing works. A proven team of builders is the key to the successful implementation of interior design, saving money and nerves.


Beauty Salon and Clinic Design

The more, the cheaper! -5/-10 /-25% for premises from 200/400/800 sq.m.
Designer's supervision -15% Promotion for objects in Kiev and Brovary.

We design and develop designs for:
Our range of services includes:
  • Creating a design concept;
  • 3D visualization;
  • Working documentation;
  • Interior equipment;
  • Author's supervision;
  • Construction and finishing works.

Stages of cooperation
  • 01Meeting. Briefing

    We meet at a place convenient for you or hold an online meeting to specify the tasks and scope of services, clarify the complexity of the object and the desired development time.

    As a result of this meeting, we are preparing a commercial offer.

  • 02Contract. Prepayment

    The contract describes the scope of services and the procedure for their provision, fixes the cost of the project and the procedure for making payment, and also describes the rights and obligations of the two parties.

    Payment under the contract is made to the current account of the FOP (3rd group).

    After signing the contract, you make an advance payment.

  • 03Design concept

    The design concept is the first stage.

    It includes the development of functional zoning and planning solutions, as well as the creation of a Mood-board collage to determine the style of the interior, colors and mood.

    Performed in 2-3 different versions.

    At this stage, the layout and style direction are approved.

  • 04Rendering

    Visualization of the interior occurs by creating a 3-D model in the SketchUP program. With the help of this visualization, we will be able to make a virtual tour with you: walk through all the rooms, examine the details of the interior from any angle.

    After the presentation of the visualization, we discuss the project with you. You make your own corrections and wishes. We are finalizing the visualization and presenting the final version.

    At this stage, the design of the premises, furniture, placement and type of finishing materials, color and textures are approved.

  • 05Drawings

    After agreeing on the visualization, you make an intermediate payment, and we proceed to the stage of drawing development.

    Depending on the volume of your task, this stage may include the following types of albums:

    • "Architectural solutions";
    • "Design project";
    • "Sketches of custom-made furniture";

    These albums are necessary for repair work, furniture manufacturing, engineering sections development (for example: Ventilation, Plumbing and Sewerage, Electrical, etc.)

  • 06Act of completion and payment

    After completing the design sections (Visualization and drawings), you sign the certificate of completion and pay the rest of the payment.

    The visualization is delivered to you in electronic format of JPG images and video on our YouTube channel. Drawings are transmitted in electronic PDF format.

  • 07Implementation

    The implementation of the project may include architectural supervision, interior design and repair work.

    Author's supervision is a guarantee that your completed interior will comply with the approved project. The designer controls the observance of architectural solutions, approves colors and finishing materials, furniture and decor so that they are in harmony and meet the design project. Architectural supervision involves a planned visit to the object by the author of the project to clarify the details of the project, as well as resolving issues on project documentation, advises builders and contractors on drawings and makes adjustments if necessary.

    Author's supervision includes:

    • Departure of the architect to the object or to the store once a week (up to 2 hours) to coordinate materials and control the compliance of the work performed with the design project;
    • consulting contractors and suppliers on project drawings;
    • introducing adjustments to the working drawings that arose after the dismantling of old partitions and the construction of new ones, after leveling floors, walls, ceilings, etc.;
    • advising the customer on the selection of finishing materials, equipment, furniture and decor elements;
    • remote project consulting

    Assembly is the creation of specifications for finishing materials, plumbing, furniture, lighting, appliances and decor that are most suitable in terms of price, quality and style; calculation of the amount of materials required for the purchase; search for the most suitable suppliers of finishing materials and goods; search for manufacturers of individual designs and furniture; consulting suppliers and manufacturers; accompaniment of the customer in the salons during the production of purchases; providing maximum discounts in the salons of partners.

    Repair work is provided by our partners.

    Author's supervision and assembly are carried out on an advance payment basis.

from $30 per m²
Light package includes services:
  • Zoning plan (2-3 options)
  • "Moodboard" - mood collage to determine the color scheme, atmosphere and style of the interior (2-3 options)
  • Photorealistic visualization of the interior (3d tour + images of the interior)
  • Furniture and equipment layout
from $40 per m²
Standard package includes Light package + design project drawings:
  • Dismantling plan
  • Installation plan
  • Plan after redevelopment
  • Furniture and equipment plan
  • List of furniture and equipment
  • Floor plan with layout of finishing materials
  • Ceiling plan
  • Sections/knots of complex decorative areas
  • Wall plan
  • Decorative wall, floor, ceiling sheet
  • Lighting plan
  • Layout plan for switches
  • Scheme of electrical outlets
  • Wall marking plan
  • Room wall sweeps
  • Drawings of custom-made furniture
from $50 per m²
The Premium package includes the Standard package + architectural supervision:
  • Departure of the architect to the site or to the store once a week (up to 2 hours) to coordinate materials and control the compliance of the work performed with the design project
  • Consulting contractors and suppliers on project drawings
  • Introducing adjustments to the working drawings that arose during the repair work
  • Consulting and selection of finishing materials, equipment, furniture and decor elements
  • Remote project consulting
  • Coordination of design drawings of custom-made furniture
You save a huge amount of time and effort that goes into finding finishing materials, furniture, choosing contractors and taking into account all the complexities of the project implementation process! Our architectural supervision – this is a guarantee of high-quality and accurate implementation of the approved design project!
These prices are indicative

In order to form accurate prices, we need to get acquainted with your task in detail.

The final price depends on: the area of the premises, the functional purpose of the premises (public or private), the volume of tasks.

"Could it be cheaper?"

Why can't designer services be cheap?
How can design studio services make money?


Attention! For small beauty salons, hairdressers, massage salons with an area of less than 50 sq.m. "square meter". The cost of services is provided individually at your request.
Be sure to check out services that are not included in the interior design project.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

► What is included in the design project of a beauty salon or clinic?

  1. Design concept (Zoning plan, Moodboard collage, Photorealistic visualization of the interior)
  2. Design project (drawings: furniture and equipment layout plan, dismantling and installation plan, floor, ceiling and wall plans, etc.)
  3. Author's supervision (departure of an architect to the site, consulting contractors and suppliers, selection of finishing materials, equipment, furniture and decor elements, etc.)

► How much does a beauty salon interior design cost?

The price of Adesign design studio services depends on the chosen scope of services and starts from $30 per sq.m. This is the cost of the design concept without all plans and drawings for salons and clinics with an area of less than 100 sq.m. The cost of the maximum volume of services for the creation of a design project is $50 per sq.m. (the author's supervision is included in the price).

► How long does it take to create a design project?

Depending on the selected services, the area of the premises and the complexity of the project, the development time is from 1 to 3 months.

► What are the stages of cooperation?

Stages of creating an interior design for a beauty salon:
  • Meeting. Briefing
  • Contract. Prepayment
  • Design concept
  • Visualization
  • Drawings
  • Act of completion and payment
  • Implementation
Trust us, and we will help you cope with many questions and difficulties. We will create a stylish interior of a beauty salon, hairdresser or barbershop, ergonomic and convenient for clients and staff, within your budget.

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