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Design of the Rezult showroom (shop of doors, parquet, laminate), Agromat shopping center, Kiev

Project description:
The Rezult company is a full-cycle Ukrainian woodworking holding that produces all types of wood products. The task of this project was creating a design for a company store, where doors, parquet, laminate, wall panels and lumber from manufacturer.

In a small area of the store, the architects of our studio placed:

  • door area, consisting of two categories: “film” and “painted”;
  • laminate zone, consisting of categories: “with chamfer” and “without”;
  • parquet area, supplemented with infographics of its main characteristics;
  • area of additional product categories (lumber, formwork, panels, etc.);
  • waiting area with comfortable chairs;
  • area for managers to work;
  • utility room for store employees.

On the façade of the store we will post important information for customers: a list of product categories presented, website address and promotional offers. The shape of the store's entrance area is organized in such a way that it invites entry. All product categories are clearly visible, which helps you quickly navigate and go to the desired department.

The design of the store tells customers about the benefits of the products and about our own production.
The work area for managers is located in the back of the room to ensure maximum comfort for customers while placing an order. A beautiful, modern and functional store interior attracts attention and significantly increases the number of customers, and also contributes to sales growth and return on investment!

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