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Interior is more than just the color of the walls or the shape of the furniture. Interior design style is a reflection of a person's character, lifestyle, habits and hobbies that have found their physical embodiment. In order for your home to truly become a place of power for you, so that you want to live in it, raise children and gather with friends, the interior must correspond to your values ​​and views. However, how to make the right choice in favor of a style that suits you and create a space that will be cozy and comfortable just for you?

Before order interior designer services to create a unique project, you need to decide on a style that suits you in spirit and in function.

To help you sort out the intricacies of design, below is our little guide to the most popular interior styles.

The 7 Best Modern Interior Styles for an Apartment or House

modern interior style include styles such as:

However, traditional styles such as:

  • Classic,
  • Art Deco
  • Provence

    is now increasingly acquiring a new sound and motive. Professional Interior Designer can make sure that styles that have entered past eras still look fresh, sophisticated and modern.

    Art Deco style

    Art Deco style in interior 15

    Art Deco style 15
    Art Deco style in interior 14

    Art Deco style 14
    Art Deco style in interior 13

    Art Deco style 13
    Art Deco style in interior 12

    Art Deco style 12
    Art Deco style in interior 11

    Art Deco style 11
    Art Deco style in interior 10

    Art Deco style 10
    Art Deco style in interior 9

    Art Deco style 9
    Art Deco style in interior 8

    Art Deco style 8
    Art Deco style in interior 7

    Art Deco style 7
    Art Deco style in interior 6

    Art Deco style 6
    Art Deco style in interior 5

    Art Deco style 5
    Art Deco style in interior 4

    Art Deco style 4
    Art Deco style in interior 3

    Art Deco style 3
    Art Deco style in interior 2

    Art Deco style 2
    Art Deco style in interior

    Art Deco style 1

    Art Deco interior is all about luxury and chic. The interior is built on clear symmetry and correct composition. It is dominated by geometric patterns, stepped forms are harmoniously combined with smooth lines. The color palette can be very bold, bright, contrasting. It is impossible to imagine such an interior without the use of mirrors. Any surface can be mirrored: furniture, walls, decor. This style favors the use of expensive woods, glossy surfaces, shiny metal in silver or gold hues, and in textiles the use of fabrics such as velvet and silk predominates. If you like the Gatsby mood and you are the proud owner of a home with high ceilings and spacious rooms, Art Deco is the style for you. A house decorated in this style resembles a precious box that pleases the eye and gives its owners a festive mood.

    Classic Style

    Classic interior style 1

    Classic interior design style 15
    Classic interior style 2

    Classic interior design style 14
    Classic interior style 3

    Classic interior design style 13
    Classic interior style 4

    Classic interior design style 12
    Classic interior style 5

    Classic interior design style 11
    Classic interior style 6

    Classic interior design style 10
    Classic interior style 7

    Classic interior design style 9
    Classic interior style 8

    Classic interior design style 8
    Classic interior style 9

    Classic interior design style 7
    Classic interior style 10

    Classic interior design style 6
    Classic interior style 12

    Classic interior design style 5
    Classic interior style 13

    Classic interior design style 4
    Classic interior style 14

    Classic interior design style 3
    Classic interior style 15

    Classic interior design style 2
    Classic interior design style

    Classic interior design style 1

    Do you prefer symmetry and order, do you want your apartment to embody the ideals of elegance and be filled with the spirit of the aristocracy? In this case, give your preference to the always up-to-date Classic style. Classic interior built on symmetry and balance. One dominant element stands out in the room, it can be a fireplace or a sofa, while the rest of the objects frame it. Classics tend to use shades of yellow, blue, green and brown, some softer muted colors such as terracotta, gray and pink. Fabrics - velvet, canvas and cotton - will give a special chic to the interior. The decoration can be used: wood, stone, marble. This style involves the use of classic decorative elements: columns, pilasters, skirting boards, cornices and plaster rosettes on the ceiling. Therefore, this style will harmoniously fit into a spacious room with high ceilings.

    Loft style

    loft interior style 15

    Loft style 15
    loft interior style 14

    Loft style 14
    loft interior style 13

    Loft style 13
    loft interior style 12

    Loft style 12
    loft interior style 11

    Loft style 11
    loft interior style 10

    Loft style 10
    loft interior style 9

    Loft style 9
    loft interior style 8

    Loft style 8
    loft interior style 7

    Loft style 7
    loft interior style 6

    Loft style 6
    loft interior style 5

    Loft style 5
    loft interior style 4

    Loft style 4
    loft interior style 3

    Loft style 3
    loft interior style 2

    Loft style 2
    loft interior style 1

    Loft style 1

    Are you crazy about metal, concrete, brick? Do you mind pipes and wires not hidden under the trim? Do you like an open layout without partitions? Then the modern Loft design style is just for you. Modern and bold - this style has rethought industrial aesthetics and brought it to interior design. A harmonious combination of the past and the present is the main approach of the style. The loft-style interior is a little brutal, likes to combine furniture from different styles and eras, creating a spacious and bright space. On the one hand, this style is very simple and understandable, but on the other hand, it expresses a strong character and will not leave anyone indifferent.

    Minimalism style

    interior style minimalism photo 15

    Minimalism Style 15
    interior style minimalism photo 14

    Minimalism Style 14
    interior style minimalism photo 13

    Minimalism Style 13
    interior style minimalism photo 12

    Minimalism Style 12
    interior style minimalism photo 11

    Minimalism Style 11
    interior style minimalism photo 10

    Minimalism Style 10
    interior style minimalism photo 9

    Minimalism Style 9
    interior style minimalism photo 8

    Minimalism Style 8
    interior style minimalism photo 7

    Minimalism Style 7
    interior style minimalism photo 6

    Minimalism Style 6
    interior style minimalism photo 5

    Minimalism Style 5
    interior style minimalism photo 4

    Minimalism Style 4
    interior style minimalism photo 3

    Minimalism Style 3
    interior style minimalism photo 2

    Minimalism Style 2
    interior style minimalism photo

    Minimalism Style 1

    You don't want to clutter up your home, love simple shapes and minimal decor - choose Minimalism. Modern minimalist design style is based on simplicity and functionality. The room, made in the style of minimalism, has a lot of space, air and light. The forms of furniture are as simple as possible, more often rectilinear. The space obeys the description: "stylish, fashionable, concise." The color scheme of the interior, often monophonic, interspersed with bright color accents. This style is perfect for small spaces, making them look more spacious.

    Provence or Country style

    Interior style Provence or Country photo 15

    Provence style 15
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 14

    Provence style 14
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 13

    Provence style 13
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 12

    Provence style 12
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 11

    Provence style 11
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 10

    Provence style 10
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 9

    Provence style 9
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 8

    Provence style 8
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 7

    Provence style 7
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 6

    Provence style 6
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 5

    Provence style 5
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 4

    Provence style 4
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 3

    Provence style 3
    Interior style Provence or Country photo 2

    Provence style 2
    Interior style Provence or Country photo

    Provence style 1

    Another style that will suit lovers of simplicity and comfort. If you are tired of the bustle of the city and want to feel in an apartment, like in a country house - the Provence style is simply created for you. The interior is dominated by natural materials and natural shades of pastel colors, and the presence of wood on the floor, walls or furniture is an integral part of the style. The lightness of the pieces of furniture with their graceful soft lines allows you to make the room uncluttered and airy. Artificially aged or vintage furniture will give a special French charm. This style will give you a lot of warmth and comfort.

    Scandinavian style

    scandinavian style interior photo 15

    Scandinavian style 15
    scandinavian style interior photo 14

    Scandinavian style 14
    scandinavian style interior photo 13

    Scandinavian style 13
    scandinavian style interior photo 12

    Scandinavian style 12
    scandinavian style interior photo 11

    Scandinavian style 11
    scandinavian style interior photo 10

    Scandinavian style 10
    scandinavian style interior photo 9

    Scandinavian style 9
    scandinavian style interior photo 8

    Scandinavian style 8
    scandinavian style interior photo 7

    Scandinavian style 7
    scandinavian style interior photo 6

    Scandinavian style 6
    scandinavian style interior photo 5

    Scandinavian style 5
    scandinavian style interior photo 4

    Scandinavian style 4
    scandinavian style interior photo 3

    Scandinavian style 3
    scandinavian style interior photo 2

    Scandinavian style 2
    scandinavian style interior photo

    Scandinavian style 1

    Do you like spacious and bright interiors, but is minimalism too austere for you? Notice the modern design style - Scandinavian. Scandinavian design conveys the value of simplicity of life, characteristic of the northern peoples. The favorite color of the Scandinavian style is white, which is emphasized by elements of natural tones and materials. At the same time, it is perceived as very cozy and warm, as this interior involves the use of wood, stone and textiles made from natural fabrics. In this interior you will feel unity with nature.

    Perhaps the style can be summed up in one sentence:“Less is more”. Therefore, the style can be a great solution for a small apartment or studio.

    Fusion or mixed style

    fusion interior style photo 15

    Fusion Style 15
    fusion interior style photo 14

    Fusion Style 14
    fusion interior style photo 13

    Fusion Style 13
    fusion interior style photo 12

    Fusion Style 12
    fusion interior style photo 11

    Fusion Style 11
    fusion interior style photo 10

    Fusion Style 10
    fusion interior style photo 9

    Fusion Style 9
    fusion interior style photo 8

    Fusion Style 8
    fusion interior style photo 7

    Fusion Style 7
    fusion interior style photo 6

    Fusion Style 6
    fusion interior style photo 5

    Fusion Style 5
    fusion interior style photo 4

    Fusion Style 4
    fusion interior style photo 3

    Fusion Style 3
    fusion interior style photo 2

    Fusion Style 2
    fusion interior style photo

    Fusion Style 1

    Are you looking at the world in an extraordinary way and are you ready for bold experiments? Fusion style is the best way to express yourself. Fusion is built on emotions – colors, materials, shapes and textures - everything should form a single whole. An abundance of unique decor from different eras and styles, bold colors will give your apartment a look like no one else. The task of the designer is to create an interior that will become an excellent backdrop for favorite things, collections and finds of its owner. Bright, catchy, bold and playful – these are the epithets that can characterize this interior style.

    In the world of interior solutions, there are many other styles, trends and trends. Just tell us your preferences, what inspires and impresses you. What associations do you have in your head when you think about an ideal home and comfort. And we will help you find the interior style that best suits your desires.

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