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Why designer services can't be cheap

The profession of an architect-designer is a long and thorny path, where in the course of training and practice, the innate talent and passion for beauty is polished and turns into a wonderful profession. On average, it takes about 20 years to become a good specialist:

  • 4 years of art school to master the basics of composition, color science, spatial thinking, etc.;
  • 6 years of study at a specialized university to master the basics of the profession;
  • At least 8 years of work experience in order to have practical experience in solving various problems.

In the cost of services of an architect-designer, in addition to training costs, advanced training courses, attendance at professional exhibitions and conferences, as well as the cost of the software. For example, the work of an interior designer will require the use of at least 4-5 graphic programs, the cost of which ranges from $ 300 - up to $ 5,000 per year.
And you will also have to take into account the "standard" expenses of companies for: office maintenance, equipment, advertising, etc.

Can an interior design project cost less than $1,000?

Can an interior design project cost less than $1000

Yes, but that would mean:

  • The project is run by a "newbie" who will learn from your project like a guinea pig. It is easiest for a novice specialist to get an order, due to the dumping of the cost of services;
  • Services will not be provided in full. Some drawings, statements or other information will not be enough for implementation, and in the development process the number of options and edits will be limited;
  • hidden payments will be an unpleasant surprise. For example, you may be offered a design project for $100, subject to ordering repairs. In this option, you must realize that no company will work at a loss, which means that the real cost of creating a design will be “hidden” in the cost of repair work.

Low cost is a reason to beware!
Consider Order an interior design studio as an investment, not a waste.

Is it interesting to understand how the services of a professional interior design studio will help you make money?

as a professional design studio service interior will help you earn

When we are talking about commercial design (shop, office, bank, clinics, beauty salon, HoReCa etc.), the answer lies on the surface:

Firstly, in this case, interior design is the most important component of your business model. The interior will help make your brand recognizable, attract the target audience you need, and most importantly, will help increase sales and profitability of your business.

The design of commercial premises has its own complex specifics, it is always strictly tied to the marketing strategy, budget and payback of the project, therefore it is recommended to contact specialized retail design studios, and not ordinary apartment designers.

When we create interior for a private residential property apartment or house , we at the Adesign studio consider such projects through the prism of working on commercial objects. This means that we discuss the budget in advance and work within it; we create a design that will remain relevant for a long time; we are working to ensure that the future interior will increase the liquidity and value of your property.

When working on the design of an apartment for rent, at the first stage of designing, we conduct a market analysis in order to understand how you can qualitatively distinguish your property from competitors; we draw up a “portrait of the ideal buyer”. The portrait of the ideal buyer (in this context, the tenant) is a description of the apartment tenant that you think is ideal: what gender and age the person is, family, profession, income, habits, preferences, etc. And only after that we begin to work out planning and style solutions aimed at creating an interior that will help you rent out real estate easily, quickly and at a decent price. You will be able to calculate the payback of your object and be calm that you made the right decision by starting cooperation with our studio.

The solution is simple - make the right strategic choice and invest in a professional interior design that will pay for itself and make a profit!

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