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1. Create a unique, memorable image

Create a unique, memorable image

Do you want your store to be remembered and recommended to friends? Then formulate your main competitive advantages and tell about them in the interior using design.

Study your competitors to create your own unique image.

Tell your brand's story to build customer trust.

Create an exciting shopping experience, such as a loyalty system and interesting design solutions.

2. Build customer loyalty to your brand

Build customer loyalty to your brand

Give your customers a little more than just a product by adding services and services. Here are some ideas:

  • Think about the possibility of providing additional services and services, such as repairs and customization of products sold.
  • If you have an online store, then create an online order pickup area in your physical store.
  • Place smartphone chargers in the waiting area.
  • Give gifts and compliments to your customers, offer a cup of coffee or just a glass of water, and you will certainly win the hearts of customers.

3. Engage all 5 human senses

Engage all 5 human senses

Influence people's behavior by influencing the 5 basic human senses: vision, hearing, smell, touch, and, if possible, taste.

  1. VISION. Create an interior that is pleasing and harmonious to the eye. Use color correctly: light, bright colors attract attention and are associated with cheaper products; muted dark shades are associated with luxury. Don't forget about contrast: place light-colored products on a dark background and vice versa. Properly use one of the most important tools shop design - lighting, its brightness and temperature.
  2. HEARING. If you need customers to move quickly around the store, play energetic music. If your store sells goods for VIP clients, it is better to play calm lounge music, which will help provide maximum comfort. You can use music to emphasize the peculiarity of your store, for example, if you sell only Ukrainian-made goods, select a musical selection from modern Ukrainian hits.
  3. SMELL. Use scents to influence customers. Fragrances affect a person’s mood, physiological state and memory. This industry is handled by aroma marketing specialists. You can create your own unique scent by which your customers will recognize your store when passing by with their eyes closed. With the help of aroma you can create appetite and stimulate sales of a certain category of goods.
  4. TOUCH. Tactile sensations also influence impressions, comfort and decision making. The texture of surfaces (smooth or rough), its temperature (cold or warm), hardness or softness, carry information that is read on a subconscious level. For example, if you sell clothes in the economy segment to a large flow of customers, make fitting rooms from inexpensive materials such as laminated chipboard and install a hard bench. This way, customers won't spend excessive amounts of time in fitting rooms. But if you have a premium segment store, and it takes a long time to make a decision on a purchase, make the fitting rooms as comfortable as possible: place a soft chair or sofa, decorate them with high-quality expensive materials (stone, wood, metal).
  5. TASTE. If you have a grocery store, it will be as simple as possible to engage the human taste organs - offer customers a tasting of your products. And in cases where the area of ​​your store is completely unrelated to products, you can offer drinks or goodies as a compliment from your store.

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